As the ability to use artificial intelligence in health care accelerates, we have a duty to learn how to harness this capacity to ensure that optimal health and great care is accessible and affordable for all. Outside of health care, artificial intelligence is changing the world at a time when the public are legally accepting artificial intelligence products into their homes without understanding that these products are in fact already artificially intelligent, much less the privacy and very serious data security concerns and potential for physical harm. Most of these products are being developed with very little regard to the welfare of human beings. The use of artificial intelligence in health care should be driven by a commitment to preserving and advancing human dignity, justice, and the common good. Truveta is entering this complex space with a commitment to change the narrative, using emerging tools coupled with a mission focus to ensure the highest ethical standards, earn trust, and improve health.

Echoing the stance of its health system members, Truveta is committed to observing the highest ethical and values-oriented standards while respecting the missions of each of its members. Truveta’s mission is first and foremost to serve patients’ interests, promote healthier communities, protect patient privacy, safeguard data, and partner with health systems to improve health for all.

These are the foundational values to which Truveta is committed and what Truveta understands by them:

  • Human dignity: the inherent and equal value of each person as a human individual.
  • Justice: providing what is ethically and legally due to each person.
  • Common good: the sum total of social conditions which allow people, either as groups or as individuals, to reach their human fulfillment more fully and more easily.
  • Trust: engaging patients and people in communities regarding these foundational values and operating principles with transparency and integrity.

Truveta operates according to these principles:

  • Beneficence: preserving human dignity, promoting human health, and sustaining the earth.
  • Non-maleficence: avoiding human harm, protecting human privacy, and providing human security.
  • Human autonomy: enabling informed decisions-making based upon human goals.

Patients. Truveta is committed to safeguarding the data privacy of its health system members and their patients, using aggregated, de-identified data to improve health outcomes. We will be transparent regarding the uses of this aggregated data and will only pursue paths that promote overall health and well-being.

People in Communities. Truveta will pursue actions to improve the health of communities at large, ensuring that our decisions will have a clear, positive impact. In supporting these communities, we will honor the need to promote the health care of individuals with diverse backgrounds, needs, and experiences. We will always seek to do what is right for vulnerable patients and populations.

Protections. Caring for a patient necessarily includes protecting the privacy and maintaining the confidentiality of the patient’s health information. Truveta will ensure that the use of data will never compromise the dignity of patients and will strive to set the industry standard for maintaining confidentiality and upholding the trust patients bestow on Truveta’s health system members. Truveta will also ensure that the benefits of its actions, as defined by our values, outweigh any potential risks or outcomes that are contrary to those values. We will not sell identifiable patient data and we will ensure that any commercial benefit for Truveta will not entail the relinquishing of identifiable patient data to third parties or its protection by Truveta. We will also foster open and transparent dialogue on how we can better serve patient communities and adhere to our mission. Finally, we will adhere to a high level of professional and ethical standards, including following all applicable laws and regulations.

Partners and Use Cases. Truveta will form partnerships with other organizations who share our mission and adhere to this Ethics Policy. These organizations must prioritize improving the lives of patients and their communities and must not be engaged in activities that we believe have negative effects on patients or their data. Truveta will not enter into partnerships that do not improve patient care or that solely aim to support advertising or similarly targeting patients or physicians. Truveta will also promote fair and open research, via legal and ethical review mechanisms, and competition to bring the best possible outcomes to the patients and populations that we aim to serve.

Standing Ethics Committee. Truveta will maintain a standing Ethics Committee in its governance structure comprised of individuals with appropriate expertise and experience that will advise Truveta in upholding this Ethics Policy, matters relating to the Ethics Policy, and the ethical operation of Truveta.