Frequently Asked Questions

What is Truveta and how will it save lives with data?
Why is it important for the health providers to come together?
Who are the founders of Truveta?
Who will use Truveta?
Why does the world need Truveta now?
How can Truveta help advance health equity?
When do you plan to launch a product or service?
How is Truveta governed?
How is Truveta different from other healthcare data organizations?
What type of data will Truveta collect?
How will Truveta protect privacy of data?
How will the data be de-identified?
How is Truveta employee access to patient data managed?
What training will the Truveta team undergo before accessing health provider data?
Has Truveta received any data from the health providers yet?
When will Truveta begin receiving PHI?
What security certifications are you pursuing?
Will Truveta comply with state specific privacy laws?
How do health providers get involved? Can others join?