Our Innovative Health Provider Partners

Truveta’s founding partners care for tens of millions of patients and operate thousands of care facilities across 40 states.

Truveta Partners

Truveta is uniquely founded and governed by leading, innovative health providers in the U.S.

Our partners are passionate about the potential for Truveta to save lives with data.

“Information is key to solving many of the most challenging healthcare problems. With Truveta, we will have a secure, de-identified nationwide data system, representative of diverse populations, helping us get to discovery faster. This will enable us to provide better care to our communities and save lives with data.”
Rod Hochman
Rod Hochman, M.D.
President & CEO, Providence
“We believe the cure for certain diseases could lie within the Truveta platform. For the first time in the history of health, we have enough data at scale to dramatically advance innovation in healthcare with collective commitment to partner on ethical innovation.”
Michael Slubowski
Michael Slubowski
President & CEO, Trinity Health
Trinity Health
“The future of health care is collaborative. We in health care exist side-by-side in our communities and we need to prioritize cooperation to truly make a difference—now more than we ever have. We have a unique opportunity today to rebuild the health care system in our country, so it is better, stronger, and more responsive to the needs of everyone – especially the vulnerable and underserved populations.”
Lloyd Dean
Lloyd Dean
President & CEO, CommonSpirit Health
“Truveta, at its very essence, is about providing the optimal care possible for everyone. We are bringing together collective information from some of the most innovative health systems in the United States. Truveta will be transformative because it brings us together in a village of innovation and creativity, even while thousands of miles apart.”
MIchael Dowling
Michael Dowling
President & CEO, Northwell Health
“Finding innovative ways to advance the cause of health equity is among our chief pursuits. A collaborative that enables physicians and nurses across the nation to benefit from the latest knowledge in patient care opens doors to new therapies and will help more communities live well.”
Jim Skogsbergh
Jim Skogsbergh
President & CEO, Advocate Aurora Health
“We are aligned in our desire for better data-driven healthcare and improved outcomes. It is time to bring the same innovation to health that has transformed industries like finance, retail and travel. Bringing together our best talent will help us make rapid progress with patient outcomes at the forefront.”
Saum Sutaria
Saum Sutaria, M.D.
President & COO, Tenet Health
“When we look at vulnerable communities, we clearly know that certain segments of our population suffer from various diseases at higher rates than others. Having access to the kind of data analytics that Truveta will provide will absolutely allow us to understand how to drive improvements in outcomes, and reduce, and ultimately eliminate disparities.”
Wright Lassiter III
Wright Lassiter III
President & CEO, Henry Ford Health System
Henry Ford
“The ability to share and leverage information is pivotal to delivering an exceptional health care experience and positive outcomes for consumers. We see the tremendous potential of leveraging Truveta to help us advance the delivery of whole-person care, give our providers even more expert insights, and enable those we serve to make informed decisions about their care.”
Terry Shaw
Terry Shaw
President & CEO, AdventHealth
Advent Health
“Data has the power to further advance research and clinical trials, drive innovation, and ensure our ability to deliver increasingly complex and highly-specialized care to the communities we serve. Sentara is a national leader in heart and kidney care, stroke care, infection prevention and more. Truveta has the potential to help our organization continue our mission of improving health every day in these and other critical areas of healthcare.”
Howard Kern
Howard P. Kern
President & CEO, Sentara Healthcare
“Evidence-based, specialized care is a hallmark of Memorial Hermann Health System and at the heart of how we’re redefining health care for the communities we serve. We understand the power of data and the insights it can and will provide to researchers, which will ultimately benefit our patients. We pledge to be great stewards of this data and look forward to charting a future where we can accelerate medical advances through this new partnership.”
David Callender
David L. Callender, M.D.
President & CEO, Memorial Hermann Health System
Memorial Hermann
“We are committed to providing a remarkable healthcare experience for our patients with world-class clinicians, care, and technology. With Truveta and partners, we are looking forward to building a better healthcare future for our country based on solid data and analytics to better support clinical decision making.”
Carl Armato
Carl S. Armato
President & CEO, Novant Health
Novant Health
“We are proud to be one of Truveta’s founding partners on a data platform that will transform health care in communities across the country. Through collaboration, this innovative partnership will advance patient care and improve outcomes, ultimately, saving more lives.”
Ray Vara
Ray Vara
President & CEO, Hawaii Pacific Health
Hawaii Pacific Health
“As health care delivery continues to evolve, we have a great appreciation for the role of data to advance medical research, address social determinants of health, and improve patient outcomes. We’re inspired to join like-minded health systems in forming Truveta to make even greater use of data to benefit the patients and communities we serve.”
John Starcher
John M. Starcher, Jr., ESQ.​
President & CEO, Bon Secours Mercy Health
Bon Secours Mercy Health
“At Baptist Health, we’re focused on innovating to deliver a lifetime of health for those we serve. As a national leader in the use of clinical information technology to improve the quality and safety of care, Baptist Health is proud to collaborate with other forward-thinking health systems and Truveta to drive advancements in patient care. Using data to save lives is at the core of our identity.”
Brett McClung
Brett McClung, FACHE
President & CEO, Baptist Health of Northeast Florida
Baptist Health