Why Truveta

Within health providers today, data is best illustrated as large haystacks growing at exponential rates without the right tools to find the needles of insight that live within them.

Just as data has revolutionized other industries, healthcare can benefit from thoughtful use of data. Along with our partners, we see many opportunities for Truveta to advance healthcare. Here are just a few examples.

Improve Patient Care

Variation in patient care today is enormous, with different treatments, procedures, and tests for patients with similar conditions. Physicians must work from their own knowledge base, lacking scalable tools informed by data.

Truveta will provide a data platform with longitudinal insights that links together underlying health conditions, treatments, and outcomes so physicians can learn how to best treat patients and share this knowledge broadly, enabling them to provide better care for their communities.

It has been said the best care in the world is somewhere, but not everywhere. With Truveta, all health systems can have the opportunity to learn from each other.

Advance Health Equity

Certain segments of communities suffer from various diseases at higher rates than other parts of their community. We have much to learn regarding why breast cancer has much higher mortality rates amongst African American women, how to address diabetes in Hispanic communities, why certain socioeconomic areas see significantly different outcomes, and much more.

Data at scale can help improve health equity, particularly when it includes diversity across ethnicity, socio-economic, and other factors. The Truveta platform will be able to help fuel understanding, leading to discovery, and better care for all communities.

Accelerate Treatments During Pandemics

The COVID-19 pandemic illustrates how quickly healthcare must move to effectively serve patients.

If the Truveta platform had existed in the early days of COVID-19, physicians could have learned the best treatment paths from each other faster. Which medications and treatments are most effective? Why do African American men have significantly higher mortality rates? What is the impact of COVID-19 on mental health?

Faster answers to these questions could have saved thousands of lives and improved the lives of millions. Researchers could have staffed clinical trials more quickly with statistically representative populations, shaving months from the vaccine approval process. Truveta and its partners want the COVID-19 crisis to be a catalyst to better care, informed by data.

Expediting the Diagnostic Odyssey

There are nearly 7,000 rare diseases affecting 30 million people in the U.S. and it is impossible for physicians to be experts on all of them. For many patients and families with these conditions, their journey is long and winding while they seek answers.

The Truveta platform will enable doctors to learn from the latest data and experts, broadening their toolset from their personal experience of one to the experience of thousands. By uniquely aggregating data from millions of de-identified datasets, Truveta could help cut the diagnostic odyssey in half for certain rare conditions, helping inform physicians and families on the best treatment and therapies, and improving quality of life.

Empower Patients on their Journey